DJI Drone Flight Training Class (DJI Inspire 2)

DJI Drone Flight Training Class (DJI Inspire 2)



Whether you are new to the drone industry, are looking to gain flight confidence or are looking to increase your knowledge about drone operations, Drone Mastery’s DJI Drone Flight Training Classes are for you!

If you are looking to professionalize your operations or for operating a DJI Mavic 2 Pro or equivalent, please check out our DJI Drone Flight Training page for our other classes offered.

During our DJI Drone Flight Training Class, you will send 2 hours with one of our Drone Mastery Drone Flight Instructors.  You can choose to fly your own DJI drone or operate the instructor’s drone, learning its operation and getting hands-on practice using intelligent flight modes and how to better fly manually.  Your drone flight instructor will cover what to do before, during and after each flight mission to maintain safe and legally compliant drone flight operations.

During your 2-hour Drone Mastery DJI Drone Flight Training Class, you will:

  • Meet Drone Mastery Drone Flight Instructor at a convenient outdoor location.
  • Walk through the DJI Go 4 app, the app that controls your DJI drone.
  • Learn and Understand Best Practices of being a safe (and legal) drone pilot.
  • Learn on a DJI Inspire 2, or bring your own DJI drone.
  • Gain 30-45 minutes of hands-on drone flight time, learning to master orientation, basic flight maneuvers, some advanced flight skills and under various intelligent flight modes.
  • Learn to handle Abnormals and Emergencies, such as lost GPS, low battery levels and lost communications.
  • Learn to Capture Photos and Videos, in auto and manual modes.
  • Ask questions! Make sure you ask questions and understand everything presented.

Book your personal (or small group) DJI Drone Flight Training with one of our Drone Mastery Drone Flight Instructors today!

For more information, check out our DJI Drone Flight Training Page.

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