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Drone NPRM Remote ID

FAA issues notice of proposed rulemaking for remote identification of drones

Possibly attempting to hide its Remote ID NPRM, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) for its previously announced Remote ID for drones.  The NPRM document that can be found here is currently unpublished, but is scheduled to be officially published on NYE, leaving the first 60 days of 2020 […]

FAA Drone Restrictions

FAA Establishes New Restrictions on Drone Operations over DOJ and USCG Facilities

Federal security partners have “requested” that the FAA use its existing authority (under 14 CFR §99.7) to address concerns about drone operations over national security sensitive facilities via temporary Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) specific flight restrictions.  You may be aware that the FAA has put in place restrictions over several facilities already, but are now […]

Remote Pilot sUAS Certificate

FAA Announces Remote Pilot (FAR 107) sUAS License Renewal Process for Commercial Drone Pilots

It may be hard to believe that nearly 2 years has gone by since the FAA started the licensing process for commercial drone (sUAS) pilots under FAR Part 107.  If you were one of the first to obtain this valuable license, it is fast approaching time to renew your license as the 24-month limit is […]

Drone Community is Now Active!

Drone Mastery has officially launched its own Drone Community forum as previously announced.  We will probably add some more sections to the forum, but we feel its design, ease of use, and current topics provide enough of a specificity to begin discussions about just about anything in the drone industry. Take a moment to click […]

Drone Mastery to Implement a Community Forum

As part of the development of Drone Mastery’s website to better serve the community, we felt it was long overdue to have a place where community members can join and discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from best practices to regulations, to just good ole conversations about non-drone stuff. In the coming weeks, we […]





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