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2020 Is Not Just For Hindsight. It Also Represents the Future…

First off, we want to send out “Happy New Year!” and a big “Thank You” to all of our current students, even the ones that have only come to us for the FREE FAR 107 REMOTE PILOT PRACTICE EXAM. All of you have played an important part in Drone Mastery™ and its development into one of the leading personalized drone education companies today.

As we have begun to move forward in improving our service to the community, we have hit a number of stumbling blocks, some even self-induced, but we have strived to overcome. One of those major areas has been the formation of online courses. We know that there are many companies to choose from when seeking drone educational training, even drone flight training, but we have continued our pursuit of an online platform that truly serves our current and future students. We have finally found a platform we are happy with, but that also means we have to start over (so-to-speak).

Introducing “Drone Mastery Online Courses”, our new dedicated and secure website for all of our online courses…!!!

The major drawback in moving to this new platform and website is the fact we essentially needed to redo every course and program, in terms of programming it online. Of course, that takes time, but we did not want to leave those of you seeking your Remote Pilot license completely without our FREE FAR 107 REMOTE PILOT PRACTICE TEST, so that is where we begin. Since we also provide 1-on-1 training, we have also added those courses online since they are not online products, per se. 

Courses we plan to have online in the next few months will be a newly revised FAR 107 REMOTE PILOT TEST course, and the most comprehensive FAR DRONE NIGHT TRAINING course, which is required for anyone obtaining their 107.29 Daylight Waiver prior to all crewmembers being allowed to perform night operations (not just the Remote PIC). More courses will be added in time, many later this year, but you can imagine the reprogramming will take time.

Together, let’s make 2020 a memorable, safe, and profitable year!

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Drone Master
Owner and developer of Drone Mastery. Some background to knowledge: FAA Licensed Remote Pilot (FAR 107) FAA Licensed Airline Transport Pilot Type Ratings Held: B777, B767, B757, B737, BA-4100, BA-3100 CFI/CFII and working on MEI

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