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When approaching holding lines from the side with continuous lines, the pilot
A strong steady wind exists out of the north.  You need to photograph an area to the south of your location.  You are located in an open field with no obstructions.  Which of the following is not a concern during this operation?
Most midair collision accidents occur during
When requesting a waiver, the required documents should be presented to the FAA at least how many days prior to the planned operation?
The angle of attack at which an airfoil stalls will
An aircraft announces that they are on short final for runway 9.  Where will the aircraft be in relation to the airport?
What action should be taken by the remote PIC during an sUAS flyaway event?
If there is thunderstorm activity in the vicinity of an airport at which you plan to land, which hazardous atmospheric phenomenon might be expected during recovery/landing of the sUAS?
In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, at what maximum altitude can you operate an sUAS when inspecting a tower with a top at 1,000 feet AGL at close proximity (within 100 feet)?
Safety is an important element for a remote pilot to consider prior to operating an unmanned aircraft system.  To prevent the final "link" in the accident chain, a remote pilot must consider which methodology?
You are operating an sUAS that does not have GPS or an installed altimeter.  How can you determine the altitude you are operating?
Power company employees use an sUAS to inspect a long stretch of high voltage power lines.  Due to muddy conditions, their vehicle must stay beside the road and the crew must use binoculars to maintain visual line of sight with the aircraft.  Is this sUAS operation in compliance with 14 CFR Part 107?
What should remote pilots rely on for wire strike avoidance?
(Refer to Figure 26, area 1)  You have been asked to inspect the tower just north of Binford.  What restrictions should the remote PIC be concerned with prior to operating the sUAS?
The most critical conditions of launch performance are the result of some combination of high gross weight, altitude, temperature, and
One in-flight condition necessary for structural icing to form is
You are operating a 1,280 g (2.8 lb) quadcopter for your enjoyment.  What FAA regulation is this sUAS operation subject to?
When turning onto a taxiway from another taxiway, what is the purpose of the taxiway directional sign?
(Refer to Figure 75)  The airspace surrounding Gila Bend AF AUX Airport (GXF) (area 6) is classified as Class
What may be used to assist compliance with sUAS see-and-avoid requirements?
Upon GPS signal loss, the remote pilot should immediately
(Refer to Figure 52)  What special conditions do remote pilots need to be on the lookout for while operating near Lincoln Airport?
After receiving a Part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating, how often must you satisfy recurrent training requirements?
The effective use of all available resources - human, hardware, and information - prior to and during flight to ensure the successful outcome of the operation is called
Which is considered to be the most hazardous condition when flying an sUAS in the vicinity of thunderstorms?
(Refer to Figure 76)  What ATC permissions are required to operate near Anderson Airport?
While operating around buildings, the remote PIC should be aware of the creation of wind gusts that
What speed limit applies to sUAS operations?
Inbound to an airport with no tower, FSS or UNICOM in operation, a pilot should self-announce on MULTICOM frequency
Which technique should a remote pilot use to scan for traffic?
What action should the pilots take if a collision is anticipated?
The term "angle of attack" is defined as the angle
(Refer to figure to the right).  Within what airspace is Coeur D'Alene Pappy Boyington Fld located?
When should pilots state their position on the airport when calling the tower for takeoff?
What is the purpose for the runway hold position markings on the taxiway?
To avoid missing important steps, always use the
When a stressful situation is encountered in flight, an abnormal increase in the volume of air breathed in and out can cause a condition known as
(Refer to Figure 22, area 1)  You have been contracted to photograph Lake Pend Oreille from a vantage point just east of Cocolalla.  You notice there is a hill which should provide a good place to take panoramic photographs.  What is the maximum altitude (MSL) you are authorized to fly over the hill?
No person may attempt to act as a crewmember of a sUAS with
What are the standard temperature and pressure values for sea level?
To avoid a possible collision with a manned aircraft, you estimate that your small unmanned aircraft climbed to an altitude greater than 600 feet AGL.  To whom must you report the deviation?
What is the best way for a remote pilot to determine the likelihood of local fog formation?
(Refer to Figure 20, area 3) With ATC authorization, you are operating your small unmanned aircraft approximately 4 SM southeast of Elizabeth City Regional Airport (ECG).  What hazard is indicated to be in that area?
In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, you may operate an sUAS from a moving vehicle when no property is carried for compensation or hire
(Refer to Figure 26, area 2)  While monitoring the Cooperstown CTAF you hear an aircraft announce they are midfield left downwind to RWY 13.  Where would the aircraft be relative to the runway?
(Refer to Figure 20)  Over which area should a remote pilot expect to find the highest amount of thermal currents under normal conditions?
According to 14 CFR Part 107, how may a remote PIC operate an unmanned aircraft in Class C Airspace?
When setting up the location of the control station and placement of crewmembers for a flight over snowy terrain, which of the following would be most appropriate for ensuring that vision is not impaired by the environment?
How should an sUAS preflight inspection be accomplished for the first flight of the day?
Which crew member must hold a remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating?
An air mass moving inland from the coast in winter is likely to result in
Which will almost always affect your ability to fly?
(Refer to Figure 71, point 1)  The floor of the Class E airspace above Georgetown Airport (E36) is at 
Holding position signs have
You are operating an sUAS that does not have GPS or an installed ground speed limiter.  How can you determine the speed you are operating?
During the preflight inspection who is responsible for determining the aircraft is safe for flight?
The "taxiway ending" marker
Under what conditions would a small unmanned aircraft not have to be registered before it is operated in the United States?
When setting up the location of the control station and placement of crewmembers for an afternoon flight, which of the following would be most appropriate for the ensuring that vision is not impaired by the environment?
Scheduled maintenance should be performed in accordance with the
The remote PIC may operate how many sUAS at a time?
(Refer to Figure 59, area 2).  The chart shows a gray line with "VR1667, VR1617, VR1638, and VR1668".  Could this area present a hazard to the operations of a small unmanned aircraft?
What is the best source for sUAS performance data and information?
Which if the following sources of information should you consult first when determining what maintenance should be performed on an sUAS or its components?
Absence of the sky condition and visibility on an ATIS broadcast indicates that
According to 14 CFR Part 107, an sUAS is an unmanned aircraft system weighing
Before each flight, the remote PIC must ensure that:
When loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount items in a manner that:
Which weather phenomenon is always associated with a thunderstorm.
Time-critical information on airports and changes that affect the national airspace system are provided by
As you are flying your sUAS, valued at $1,000, over a home to photograph it for real estate sales purposes, the sUAS has a failure causing it to fall onto an awning causing some minor damage.  The fair market value of the awning is $800 but it can be repaired for $400.  What type of report is required?
A person may not act as a crewmember of a sUAS if alcoholic beverages have been consumed by that person within the preceding
(Refer to the chart to the right, area "5").  How would a remote PIC "CHECK NOTAMS" as noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon? 
You are part of a news crew, operating an sUAS to cover a breaking story.  You experience a flyaway during landing.  The unmanned aircraft strikes a vehicle, causing approximately $800 worth of damage.  When must you report the accident to the FAA?
The minimum distance from clouds required for sUAS Part 107 operations is
(Refer to Figure 20, area 3)  What is the recommended communications procedure for a landing at Currituck County Airport?
Which statement about longitude and latitude is true?
(Refer to Figure 24, area 1)  How close can the remote PIC fly their sUAS to the Majors Airport (GVT) without having to contact ATC?
What could be a consequence of operating a small unmanned aircraft above its maximum allowable weight?
The most comprehensive information on a given airport is provided by
What would decrease the stability of an air mass?
"Unmanned aircraft" is defined as a device operated
Which factor would tend to increase the density altitude at a given airport referenced in the weather briefing?
Thee FAA may approve your application for a waiver of provisions in Part 107 only when it has been determined that the proposed operation
Which of the following crewmembers must be used during Part 107 sUAS operations?
When must a current remote pilot certificate be in the pilot's possession or readily accessible in the aircraft?
A visual observer notices a manned aircraft approaching the area in which sUAS operations are taking place, flying just north of the area from west to east.  What call could the remote PIC/visual observer make on CTAF to alert the manned pilot?
(Refer to Figure 22, area 2, and Figure 31)  At Coeur D'Alene, which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to monitor airport traffic?
(Refer to Figure 20, area 3)  You need to operate your sUAS in close proximity of the Elizabeth City CGAS RGL (ECG) airport.  What frequency should be used to contact ATC?
Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is the continuous broadcast of recorded information concerning
What situation is most conducive to the formation of radiation fog?
Under what circumstances may lithium batteries be carried during sUAS operations?
Which publication contains an explanation of airport signs and markings?
The recommended entry position for manned aircraft to enter an airport traffic pattern is
Which would most likely result in hyperventilation?
The responsibility for ensuring that an sUAS is maintained in an airworthy condition is primarily that of the
How can a remote pilot determine the altitude of the terrain and structures where the flight will be conducted
Every physical process of weather is accompanied by, or is the result of, a
When operating an aircraft, the Remote PIC is responsible for using
When using a small unmanned aircraft in a commercial operation, who is responsible for informing the participants about emergency procedures?





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